"Never let where you from determine who you become."
(Carmichael Lewis)
"You can't change the world unless you change the world"
(Carmichael Lewis)
" If i become the man you want me to be. I will never become the man i should be"
(Carmichael Lewis)
" Leave your footprint not a shoe impression"
(Carmichael Lewis)
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Carmichael Lewis, a proud Chicago native, grew up as the middle child in a family of three on the Southside of the city. Over the years, he has successfully worn many hats—police officer, published author, entrepreneur, mentor, and real estate investor, but his journey to success was not devoid of hurdles. Despite facing adversities early in life, including a couple of arrests and academic setbacks, Carmichael never allowed these stumbling blocks to deter his ambitions. Instead, he saw them as stepping stones toward becoming the resilient individual he is today.

With over fourteen years in law enforcement—five of which were served in the Chicago suburbs—Carmichael’s commitment to safeguarding his community is unwavering. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Safety Administration and an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from Chicago State University, further solidifying his dedication to the cause.

As an entrepreneur, Carmichael launched a fitness clothing company with the goal of supporting teenagers in challenging situations. An eloquent author, he has written books targeted at guiding young minds toward their potential. His work includes notable publications like “The Ultimate Teenager’s Guide to Success,” “Shadows Of The Past,” “Mira Mira-Look,” an introductory language book for children, and his latest offering, “Let’s be Safe Together,” a book aimed at introducing children to first responders and educating them on community safety.

Carmichael’s hard work and unwavering commitment to his community have garnered him numerous awards, including The Superintendent Award of Valor and a Life-Saving Award, testaments to his dedication and honorability. At the heart of all his endeavors is a profound desire to improve the lives of others. Whether it’s assisting people in acquiring affordable housing, mentoring teenagers through coaching and his publications, or ensuring the safety of his city, Carmichael is passionate about his duties. His lifelong mission is to make the world a better place, one person at a time.

His nonprofit, Youth & Blue United Inc., bridges the gap between the youth and the police, fostering positive engagement, mentorship, and literacy. Drawing from his personal experiences, Carmichael works to create open dialogues and shared stories between law enforcement and urban youths, reinforcing the idea that positive influence from officers can lead to transformational change in young lives. Carmichael’s love for his community extends to volunteering at youth-based organizations, churches, schools, and detention centers. His life is a testament to overcoming adversity and harnessing one’s potential, embodying the ethos of perseverance and self-improvement.

Through transformative programs, Carmichael equips young men with essential life skills, fosters meaningful connections with mentors and role models, and creates opportunities for personal growth and success. From the Men’s Circle, facilitating healing and leadership, to the Male Mentoring program, offering guidance and support, each initiative is thoughtfully designed to empower participants and unlock their full potential.

To learn more, please visit Youth & Blue United (https://youthandblueunited.org).

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